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SDM Mazda - 30 years and counting...

Finding you the perfect Mazda

When the Square Deal Motors group was founded in 1966 by Ronnie Aitken, he started off with small sites in Meeks Road and Bryson Street, Falkirk. SDM have always been a predominately family run business. In the 1970's Ronnie was joined in the trade by his two sons Brian and David, and in recent years by Brian's three daughters Helen, Jennie and Lisa.

Over the years a strong reputation for quality, reliability and excellent customer service was built. This trustworthy reputation has been what customers have grown to love about SDM over the years, and this translates into all of our dealerships whether it's Toyota, Hyundai or Mazda.

Here at our Middlfield development site in Falkirk, SDM Cars has been providing you with the perfect Mazda for over 30 years. Since 1981, we have been offering you excellent and service and advice from our talented sales executives. SDM Mazda Falkirk have a great passion for Mazdas! We offer both new and used cars, featuring a vast range to choose from. Such as: the Mazda2, the Mazda3, the 7-Seater Mazda5, the iconic Mazda MX-5 and our Mazda6and Mazda CX-5 models.

SDM Mazda do not just offer you a car we have all the additional services you would expect from a trusted Mazda dealership. We offer aan extensive selection of after sales services, such as Mazda part, servicing and repairs, all of which are undertaken by our skilled professionals.

SDM Mazda - always offering you the best deal!